palladium and rhodium
are recovered by recycling and refining
of spent catalytic converters, the fastest growing
and largest secondary source of platinum group metals

refining of spent catalytic converters

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we offer help on the refining cycle of spent catalytic converters

spent catalytic converters    

our partners collect
huge quantities of
spent automotive catalyst
known as catalytic converters

shape of material after decanning by customer


after decanning and crushing

coarse and fine material fraction of crushed ceramic automotive catalyst after decanning and separation of ceramic and metallic fraction of spent catalytic converters; ready for sampling

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scrap packed in 200-ltr steel drums ready for container transport

drum filled with crushed ceramic catalytic converters 

we offer help on the refining cycle of spent catalytic converters
wir helfen Ihnen bei der Aufarbeitung verbrauchter Autoabgaskatalysatoren
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refining of metallic support catalytic converters is possible


cut metallic converters 

metallic support converters
spent metallic support converters in precut form without fittings (in order to reduce transport cost)
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detail of a cut metallic support converter

this type of automotive catalyst is found in upper segment and luxury cars like BMW 7xx series

pgm bearing washcoat is attached to the wrapped metallic foil; attachment is sensitive to mechanical stress or interaction

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